APPLECore Promotions

Here are some of our latest videos. You will find some of our best industry tips to ordering promotional material, ways to get the best tax benifits and videos direct from the printing room showing you how some of our items are actually printed.

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Aug 2018 - Full colour digital printing in action. See how we go from your logo on the computer to putting it onto an item

June 2018 - Find out how to get the best tax benifits and what you can do to get a bigger budget for your next promotion.

Tip 1 and 2 - How to set a Goal and Budget for your promotional purchase

Tip 3 - Going off shores and how to avoid getting ripped off

Tip 4 & 5 - Vector artwork, what is is and why do we need it?

Tip 6 - Customer reply - How to fit a logo, phone email and website on a product with a small print area

Tip 7 - Quoting, what to look out for to avoid being charged hidden fees

Tip 8 - Quoting - Setup fees, what are they and how to avoid being charged for them

Tip 9 - Quoting - Freight Costs and how to avoid being overcharged

Tip 10 - Delivery Day - How to make sure your goods are delivered on time, everytime.