APPLECore Promotions

"Supplying promotional material comes naturally to me, I have always enjoyed this industry.”

Amy Hides, Director of Apple Core Promotions Pty Ltd has been a long-time packer, purchaser, supplier and retailer of
custom printed promotional material. Over 20 years ago, when her Uncle and Aunty started a small promotional business,
Amy was involved by packing, sorting and fixing products that were sourced through her family’s business. Unsure of exactly
why people would be buying these products, she completed the jobs non the less and enjoyed being part of a bigger company
which she learnt about productivity and presentation in the work place.

Following a few years of adventure overseas, Amy returned to the family business which had become Australia's biggest wholesale supplier. She became a production manager and customer service expert developing her skills over many years. She learnt many lessons on achieving customer satisfaction, product supply, conflict resolution and of cause printing. Working closely with printers she developed skills to create/manipulate designs and ways to apply logos to many different forms of paper and textile materials.

“Working with the printers really gave me an eye-opening understanding of what works and what doesn’t work on certain
products. There were many times I would send an order for goods to be printed and them see them in real life and be
surprised at how different they looked to the image generated on the computer.”


As a change of pace Amy then joined the distribution side of selling promotional materials, where she quickly succeeding in reaching,
not only sales goals, but more importantly customer relationships. More often getting to the point where she was too busy to take on
new clientele, so she could focus on her return clients. Doing this for the following 4 years cemented Amy's passion and enjoyment
in fulfilling customer enquiries with long lasting, impressionable products that clients love to recieve.

Since becoming a mum in 2015, Amy has focused on her own personal career by starting her own distribution company in Apple Core
Promotions Pty Ltd. She is passionate about growing a community of clients and staff that support, trust and enjoy working together.
Over the last 2 years Amy has exceeded all expectation by growing a reputable business not only with other companies around Australia
but also within her supplier’s community.

“We have some really exciting things coming up in the future that will encourage more enquiries to help grow our business even more.”

Jane F.
- Entrepreneurial Business Women